KDE Radio Station - Rückmeldungen

Ich bin seit über 4 Jahren in Freie Software involviert, und etwa die selbe Zeit mit KDE-Entwicklung. Niemals zuvor hat ein Projekt so positive Rückmeldungen erhalten - ich habe etliche Mails innerhalb von Stunden erhalten! Deshalb muß ich eigentlich euch danken und nicht ihr mir :)

Florian Fernandez (France)
Great work ! Now, I can work and listen radio with your soft and kplayer

Dirk Trompetter (Germany)
KDE Radio Station ist ein klasse Programm. Feine Idee ;-)

Sander Devrieze (Belgium)
"First of all: great software! A half year ago I was dreaming on such software and now it exists! :D"

Fredrik Sörensson (Sweden)
"I saw your application KDEradiostation on apps.kde.com today, and downloaded it and gave it a spin, and I can only say: Great! [...]"

JP Fournier (Canada)
"I just tried kderadiostation and within 5 minutes I was listening to internet radio. Thanks for the great app."

Nuno R. Pinhão (Portugal)
"I've just donwloaded and compiled your application to give it a try. [...]"

Martin Preuss (Germany) (via apps.kde.com)
"Thanks, I was looking for such a tool for a long time ;-) Good work ;-)"

kiriuja (Spain)
"[...] So if there is an index of available stations that is free and well maintained, I would be interested in providing interface for it in KPlayer at some point in the future. [...]"

Göran Jartin (Sweden)
"Excellent in its simplicity. Will be very exciting to see how it evolves!"

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